Uncovering the links between ocean noise and gray whale health

The GEMM Lab is wrapping up their sixth consecutive year of data collection on gray whale ecology and physiology off the Oregon coast, including observations of the well-known whale “Scarlett” and her new calf, seen here riding on the back of her mom. More information about this research project can be found in the GEMM Lab blog and the research project webpage.

Whale Habitat, Ecology & Telemetry Laboratory

The Whale Habitat, Ecology, and Telemetry Laboratory focuses on studying whale movements and their relationship to their complex and changing environments.

Cetacean Conservation and Genomics Laboratory

The Cetacean Conservation and Genomics Laboratory explores the genomes of whales and dolphins to understand the past, assess the present, and conserve the future.

Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory

The Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory focuses on the ecology, behavior and conservation of marine megafauna including cetaceans, pinnipeds, seabirds, and sharks.

Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network

The Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network documents occurrences and investigates the causes of marine mammal strandings in Oregon.

Come Explore With Us

The Marine Mammal Institute integrates research, scientific, and academic studies within Oregon State University. Our critical mission is to advance conservation and the understanding of marine mammal ecology, which incorporates habitat, food web, health, and environmental issues. 

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What To Do If You Find a Marine Mammal Ashore

  • Keep people and dogs away
  • Observe and report to authorities
    • 800-452-7888 (Oregon State Police Tipline)
    • 541-270-6830 (OMMSN Stranding Cell Phone)

Marine mammals are protected by federal law. It is illegal for unauthorized persons to disturb, handle, or feed them.

Learn more about Stranding Do's and Don'ts.